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A Change, Spring 2012

This Spring, after almost one year of work, I had completed my last woodblock print series of Washington State landscapes. After working so long on such a big project I felt that it was time for a change in direction.

After working with the spectacular landscapes from the North-West of the US, I was looking for something more ordinary. I went to my favorite lake to create a woodblock print for a calendar and painted at the lakeside.


"Lakeside", woodblock print, part of graphic calendar 2013 of Taborpresse + Büchergilde, ca. 37 x 51 cm



Soon after that I went to the US for attending a show at Cullom Gallery, Seattle, and also for creating new works. While traveling through three different landscapes, I started to navigate my work into a new direction. I thought that the way to do that technically was to concentrate on painting and, in case of new prints, to choose a rather small format. I want to show some of these new works here, and also photographs of the places where they were created.


California, May 2012




"Mountain near Lake Tahoe", ink painting, 51 x 37 cm




For the third time, my friend Joe Kaftan and I traveled around Washington State. This time we went up North into the Northern Cascades near the Canadian border.

I wanted to try to simplify my work.




"Mountain", ink painting, 24 x 24 cm




Joe had brought a kayak for working on the water. We went to Diablo Lake, a lake in the mountains.


We paddled across the lake. I painted two small sketches for woodblock prints.




"Diablo Lake", woodblock print, 24 x 24 cm







Ink sketch for an etching




"Snowy Mountains", etching, 24 x 24 cm




Last destination of my trip was Long Island. There I worked with the huge stones on the beach.



"Stones" (Shelter Island), water-color, 51 x 38 cm




"Stones", ink painting, 62 x 43 cm







I also designed more woodblock prints.




"Stones l" (Long Island, near Orient Point), woodblock print, 24 x 24 cm




"Stones ll", woodblock print, 24 x 24 cm







At home I continued working with the theme of the stones.



"Evening Stones", woodblock print, 24 x 24 cm


I want to thank Joe Kaftan and Bill Harrison, who so much supported me in my work. Thank you so much.

Berlin, December 2012




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